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18-03-2016 06:31
"I weather is nice today"
08-06-2015 19:08
Deborah Johnston
Just discovered my family came from Honiton in the 1600's. My first connection with the UK! Excited to see what the town we came from looks like....and it's history!!

A granddaughter of Walter Harris
14-03-2015 14:13
Hello. Does anyone who bought on the Heathfields Farm development (in Honiton) when the houses were built still have any of the original Sales Brochures for the sites that were built by Broseley Estates Limited?

If so, please could you contact me
15-10-2014 07:18
It was raining today.
There is no meaning to my post.
03-10-2013 14:18
lucille ciani
i am a collector of laces and was very happy information on honiton lace. i am form massachsetts with an italian heritage. thank you